Producer - Filmaker - Cinematographer

Greetings. To me art is born from emotion and life experience. 6 years into this field is the sufficient time for me to learn and grow. Starting from my passion in visual and travelling, I equipped myself with an old camera. Everywhere I went there are genuine photos of people, life, and nature. Those are my inspiration that drove me to learn more in photo editing, colorizing and researching more knowledge to gain confidence.

I confidentially bring my ability into Saigon to promote my career. There I live and directed my own path since the path in such competitive city is hard but vital.

After 2 years working in Saigon, I accumulated a lot of experience and working relationships. My partners are from entertainment companies, event agencies, studio and production houses such as VNbeats Production, Kinema Visuals, Startling Production, Great Entertainment, SBO Production, Hillus, TranPhuong Entertainment, BigCat Entertainment, MTP entertainment, The Children of, Creatory …to rental houses: Cinelight, Hanoilens, MH Production, CineHanoi, Lenspro, Saigonlens, Alpha film, BK light, PS lightning, HK film…

Now I wish to produce bigger projects in order to promote my experience and skills, opening for more relationships and opportunities, providing solutions to more clients and maximize profits in the allowed conditions. In the future, I wish to create my own production house in Hanoi and Saigon. Looking forward to opportunities!